Reflecting on a group project…

As part of my Multimedia Journalism masters, we have recently created an online website as a group. Once we were assigned certain groups, and decided on what questions we were going to focus on, we began creating the project. In order to diverge the work between each individual, we decided on two separate groups to […]

Originally posted on Sarah Forshaw's Blog:
It is no secret that I adore the 50’s. So I thought I might do a post on why I should’ve been around during that time! 1. The cars!!! Oh my word the cars from the 50’s are art in motion! 2. The music! I for one am more…

How far is too far?

  In this growing society of heterosexual-ism and in a world where ‘sex sells’…how far will it go until we leave nothing to the imagination. I am exploring this topic as a good friend of mine recently felt the effects of society’s relaxed approach to sex. After enjoying a beautiful meal at Piccolino’s in Bramhall, […]

Another New Years Eve…

  Phone call after phone call, as soon as Christmas day had passed, in came the questions and organisation of what we are going to do this New Years Eve. But surely it’s just another Saturday night? At only 21, I feel exhausted by the pressures to have the best night of the year. When […]

Downton Abbey returns

Once the Baileys had been poured and the mince pies eaten, I sat down to what I had eagerly awaited all week; the Downton Abbey Christmas special – and it definitely did not disappoint. The finale of the previous series had left us in intentional suspense. After the death of the delectable Miss Lavinia Swire, […]


After its first release in 1994, Walt Disney phenomenon The Lion King, returned to the big screen, this time in 3D. The 1990’s began on a high for the Disney Company, with the release of Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King; the latter being arguably the last great hand drawn animation movie […]

“I do…Don’t I?”

Reality star beauty Kim Kardashian, shocked fans and critics after announcing she was to divorce her NBA player husband after only 72 days. Only 10 days after ‘Kim’s Fairytale Wedding’ aired in the UK, Kim, 31, filed for divorce from Kris Humphries and the twitter world went into over drive. There have been rumours that […]

Hello world!

Well here I go… I have never written a blog before but there is always a first. I am starting a career in Multimedia Journalism and I understand this is where to start. With a passion for Literature and analysis, I feel I will soon get the blogging bug and you will see me here […]